Spain encompasses all activities involved in the nuclear cycle which, due to their specialisation, are known throughout the EU, China, India, South Africa and the US. The country's nuclear electricity production now represents 30% of its emission-free electricity.

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  • Experiences in the cloud

    As part of its search for new ways of managing computing resources, the Spanish administration has opted to store its growing volume of data in the cloud. These pioneering projects are partly a response to the need to make communication systems more agile, and partly to improve cost efficiency and save on staff and resources. Here, we take a closer look at these successful experiences in the cloud.

  • From household trash to Biofuel

    An automobile can operate on the trash we produce. That is a milestone that Abengoa accomplished with its proprietary W2B (‘waste to biofuel’) technology. The first plant in the world to extract biofuel from second generation municipal solid waste has just been launched in Spain.

  • Spanish rail gives trains their wings

    ArcelorMittal , a company in northern Spain (Gijon) manufacturers rails for high-speed-rail that make it possible to connect Madrid to Barcelona in just over two hours (the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco). Their head-hardened heavy haul rail is also a milestone.

  • Electronic National Identity Cards, the master key to services in the 21st century

    Since their launch in March 2006, 38 million digital ID cards have been issued in Spain. They represent the new generation of ID documents, which also fulfil the traditional function of accreditation, offering citizens new electronic signature applications to perform secure procedures involving administration agencies, organisations and private companies. A veritable “master key” that unlocks a vast spectrum of 21st century services.

  • On the Path to Excellence

    Investing millions, committing to RDI, and adopting an internationally acclaimed legal framework, the ROM program has positioned Spanish port engineering at the forefront of the industry worldwide. Patents, unique measurement systems and innovative construction applications reinforce the excellent reputation of our infrastructures, which today are in ports across five continents.

  • Smart Grids: Electricity Networks ‘ready to go’

    Spain is engaged in a major deployment of Smart Grids (intelligent electricity networks) in active partnership with leading operators (Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, Endesa, Red Eléctrica de España, etc) and top electrical capital goods manufacturers.

  • Technology at the service of the financial sector

    Over 650 million financial cards with EMV chip, 10% of the worldwide total, incorporate Advantis, Spanish software marketed by ServiRed and leader in both Spain and Latin America. It is a solution that prevents falsification, ensures multi-applicability and allows the issuing bank to change chip manufacturer at any time smoothly and seamlessly. Below we have summarised the features of this and other technological tools that respond to the needs of the financial world.

  • SICE, smart solutions for a developing world

    Innovation, international expansion and experience in executing turnkey projects anywhere in the world are the backbone of SICE, a multidisciplinary Spanish company that bases its success on knowing how to respond technologically to the ups and downs of a constantly changing world.

  • Keeping Watch from the Sky

    The Spanish firm Elecnor has developed Europe´s first privately funded earth observation satellite, which participates in projects that raise the company to the highest level in the field of information technology.

  • Partnership with the Sun

    Thanks to Torresol Energy, a company owned by Sener Grupo de Ingenieria and MASDAR, concentrated solar power has become a viable alternative.  The company´s partnership with the sun has enabled it, as of now, to operate three solar thermal plants in southern Spain and develop projects in Abu Dhabi and the United States.

  • Connecting two oceans

    “Building the world´s largest canal is quite a challenge”. Juan Pous de la Flor, director of Innovation at Grupo Sacyr, makes it clear that the construction company´s landmark project is the work it is doing to expand the Panama Canal. “Perhaps it is the most admired civil engineering job in the world” he says.

  • Spain’s Lead in Wind Energy

    Spain is in a position of global leadership in the renewable energies sector and has made an enormous effort in R&D+i. Spain is in the top places both in solar energy and in wind energy.


  • Spain’s lead in solar energy
    Spain is in a position of global leadership in the renewable energies sector and has made an enormous effort in R&D+i. Spain is in the top places both in solar energy and in wind energy.
  • D.A.S. AUDIO, a passion for sound
    The dream of a young engineer launched this company in Valencia, which in just forty years, has gained international recognition for its range of sound systems, amplifiers and signal processors.
  • Spain at the cutting edge of waste treatment technology
    Spain has managed to implement an appropriate recycling strategy thanks to the efforts and success of numerous Spanish companies and the design of efficient environmental policies that have given rise to integrated waste management systems.
  • Healthier for less
    Spain has one of the healthcare systems that costs least per capita, thanks to innovation in the area of treating patients and technology solutions for managing the healthcare system.
  • The other side of waste
    The Spanish company Valoriza is converting municipal waste into energy and wealth (adding value) through advanced treatments that it already uses in various countries.
  • The Information Age
    Information and Communication Technologies are at the core of the leading commercial sectors. Spain has contributed international solutions for needs such as air traffic control, security and communications.
  • Smart textiles
    In Spain, smart and functional textiles are being developed thanks to AITEX, the textile technology institute, as well as projects related to technical and nano-technology fibers with applications in diverse sectors.
  • Ikusi: Diversity as a virtue
    This multinational company, which began installing television antennae and manufacturing signal reception and distribution equipment, is now one of the leading providers of integrated solutions in the field of electronics and ICT.
  • Purifying water
    Spain is the leading producer of desalinated water in Europe and the Americas, and Spanish companies are leaders in reverse osmosis technology and in the construction of desalination plants.
  • Industry to support industry
    Industry in sectors as diverse as electricity generation, aerospace, automotive, railroad and home appliances need machine tools to make their products.
  • The secret life of water
    AZUD comes to the rescue of water with advanced irrigation systems and numerous water treatment processes. Aware of the shortage of this precious resource, the company promotes its rational use in 70 countries.
  • Precision in its purest form
    Electrical discharge machining has taken machining processes to a level of precision that nearly reaches perfection. ONA Electroerosión was one of the companies leading this development, thanks to numerous inventions over 60 years.
  • Guardians of health
    Spanish medical devices are at the forefront of hospital technology. Radiology equipment manufactured by Sedecal is found in 130 countries around the globe, and Nuubo has astounded the world with smart t-shirts that monitor cardiac status.
  • From city to city
    Thanks to the continuous growth of its high-speed rail network, Spain is the country with the most kilometers of high-speed railroad per capita in the world, and now it is transferring its experience to other countries.
  • Renewable Energies: Spain takes turn
    Spain is in a position of global leadership in the renewable energies sector and has made an enormous effort in R&D+i. Spain is in the top places both in solar energy and in wind energy.
  • The exact science of fertilizer
    Nitric acid is used to manufacture crop fertilizers. Espindesa, a company that belongs to the Spanish group Técnicas Reunidas, has one of the most advanced technologies in the world for producing it.
  • Spanish 3D conquers movie mecca
    Some of the latest major movie productions have been made thanks to Mistika, a post-production system that improves final product for images shot in 3D. Miguel Ángel Doncel, CEO of the company behind this software, SGO, explains us all in this interview.
  • Towards sustainable printing
    The container and flexible packaging converting industries have gone through major changes in recent years, especially in relation to printing technology. Comexi Group Industries is one of the firms that has contributed most to transforming this sector.
  • NorayBio: Information technology for bioscience
    Bioinformatics is basic for firms in the bioscience and healthcare sectors. Without the solutions created by companies such as NorayBio, the management of data generated by research centers, pharmaceutical companies or laboratories would be a mammoth task
  • The large vessels built in Spain
    Led by Navantia, Spain designs, builds and maintains ships for the navies of 20 countries. It is also known for its cutting-edge technology in cargo and oil exploration vessels from Factorías Vulcano.
  • Jeans with ecological technology
    Jeanologia has revolutionized the jeans sector. The technology created by this company is responsible for the finish on 15% of all jeans produced in the world today. A finish that combines ethics, efficiency and ecology.

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